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Re: Assenza(?)

Messaggio  motard.italy il Mar Apr 16, 2013 2:21 pm

ciao ragazzuoli.....haimè per la Vs immensa felicità stasera devo dare forfet......causa lavoro... ( ma se riesco mi collego con portatile e WIFI....almeno spero.....)

bye !! cheers cheers

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Re: Assenza(?)

Messaggio  B.A.Bracus-UK- il Mer Ott 02, 2013 8:30 pm

Hello my friends,

Sorry i don't visit the forum more, I want to but I have many problems trying to translate into English :/ LoL I think maybe I will try to learn Italian instead.

So how is everyone anyway? It must be said lol been having some fantastic competitive races with some of you recently. Great to see everyone getting faster and faster to produce more exciting races. and is great to be riding with collisions ON again as well. I love the high realism.Making a smooth overtake with collisions ON is so much nicer feeling, I'm sure you'll agree Wink

I guess still too much game lag for MotoGP collisions? I hear the lag is not a software issue BTW, but rather a matter of slow servers-Is this correct do you think? I begin to wonder if the lag issue will ever be fixed... LoL-hope so!

So my friends, when do we all get down to business and begin the start of ITA's Legendary championship? I worry that i will miss the chance to enrol bounce affraid 

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Re: Assenza(?)

Messaggio  B.A.Bracus-UK- il Mer Ott 02, 2013 8:37 pm

Doh I forgot, also wanted to ask, Does anyone get same problem with multiplayer where game has to be opened/closed and then reopened first before Multiplayer works? Also, how you can only create a server after first opening the game. If I leave a server and then try to create one of my own, server fails and I loose multiplayer connection all together and have to close and open the game twice again, to fix. It's so annoying Suspect  Has anyone else had this problem or perhaps found a way to fix it? Thanks chaps;)

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Re: Assenza(?)

Messaggio  pernazza81 il Mer Ott 02, 2013 9:00 pm

hello bracus ,
play with collisions is much more beautiful and exciting.
we all have the same problem , it happens that the game blocks on the more 'beautiful !
we have noticed that also depends on the connection of some players who join the game!
the lag decreases or disappears when we make a private room !

I favor to make a championship!
we only need to look for the participants.

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Re: Assenza(?)

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